Obsolute organic established in year 2010 with a motive to provide quality of handmade products at genuine price specially macrame products      which are 100%  handmade articles . Since the inceptions we are trying to remove all the middle traders who  increases  final products cost for        consumer . our basic idea is to pass the price benefit to end customers who are going to use our products and this is only possible if we sell our      products  direct to stores . We are not only making  for big stores but working for  small stores well and we believe they will be growing with us        by find right macrame products for their customer .


     Macrame originated during 13th century by Arab weavers. These artisans knotted the excess  thread and yarn along the edges of hand                     loomed fabrics into decorative fringes on bath towels, shawls, and veils. Later this art was taken to Spain, then to Italy ,especially in the region
     of Liguria ,and  then spread through Europe . It  was introduced  into England  at  the court  of Mary II in the late 17th century.    Queen    Mary
     taught  the art of  macrame to her ladies -in -waiting . Macrame  was most  popular  in the Victorian era. Though  the craze for macrame faded,
     it regained popularity during the 1970s as a  means to make macrame wall hangings articles of clothing , bedspreads, macrame plant hangers        and other furnishings. By the early 1980s macrame had again begun to fall out of fashion as a decoration trend.However macrame has become       popular again.This time in the form of macrame table runner , macrame cushions , macrame flower pot holders,macrame runners , macrame         curtains , jewelry, such as necklaces, anklets and bracelets. 


    We use cords made of 100% natural cotton , linen, hemp, jute, leather or yarn. 


   macrame wall hanging , macrame table runner,macrame plant hanger, macrame flower holder, macrame cushion covers , macrame baby               swing , macrame  hammock chairs , macrame hammock bed , macrame basket , macrame puffs , macrame curtains, macrame jewery and
   other macrame products


     We work on custom designs as well ,our customer send  us their customized requirement and we manufacturer their bulk ,while working
     on private designs
     we follow our non-discloser agreement to protect their brand value . if you want to us to develop your private macrame designs send us your         requirement we will execute them in final designs .

​ All work is performed by highly trained  and experienced craftsmen to insure perfect finish at first time. We have a large team of skilled worker which means we can handle all your jobs, no matter how small or large, quickly and efficiently.

Our mission to provide our customers quality macrame products, competitive prices, and consistent service. We are dedicated to our customer needs and committed to their satisfaction

Obsolute Organic has developed a spotless reputation throughout our years of delivering high quality products on every project we step foot on. This reputation has lead to countless professional relationships with some of the nation’s multinational brands.
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